Rules of The Mourne 500

Racers attempt the Mourne 500 for two different reasons. Either:

1. They wish to secure qualifier points for UTMB
2. They want a big challenge in the hills and don't care about UTMB points.

Please take careful note of the rules below.

Mourne 500 for UTMB Qualifier Points

The Mourne 500 is a recognised qualifier event for UTMB points.  For a valid Mourne 500 completion to secure your UTMB qualifier points, you MUST heed the following rules:
  1. Contact in advance of the attempt, so that we can establish race day.
  2. Visit the identified 39 points identified, in the order specified on the route page.
  3. Start and finish at the point known as Ott Car Park, between Butter Mountain and Ott Mountain, Grid Reference 280 278.
  4. Be totally unsupported for the race, receiving no assistance from others.
  5. Be self-sufficient, carrying all your food and supplies, with no supplies-stashing on the route; drinking mountain water is permitted.
  6. Carry wet weather gear, first aid kit, bivvy bag, torch, compass, map.
  7. Complete the Mourne 500 course in less than 20 hours.
  8. Record the attempt on a GPS unit, and make the data available in .GPX form afterwards to

Leisure Mourne 500

If you are not seeking to secure UTMB qualifier points, you may still secure a Mourne 500 completion if make your attempt as above, allowing for the following slight amendments, if you wish.

  1. Visit the identified 39 points identified in any order you wish
  2. Start and finish at the same point, which may be any point of your choosing
  3. Don't worry about the 20 hour time limit - if you are out on the hill longer than that, you deserve additional congratulations for pig-headed stickability!!

Tell Us Your Mourne 500 Story

The Mourne 500 is also a unique way of visiting some of the less popular parts of the Mournes as well as the well-trodden areas. If you get the chance, and for your own memories, Take some pictures and write a report to let us know you you got on! Email